About Me


I’m Rikatrina, you can call me Rika or Rix. I was born mid ’80s in our country’s national hero’s hometown.

I’m a Potterhead (sorted into Gryffindor and Pukwudgie to be specific, my Patronus is a Black Stallion, and my wand is Alder wood with a Unicorn hair core, 10″ and Slightly Springy flexibility), a Rainbow Loomer, and a makeup enthusiast.

I only posted random videos on YouTube, until I became interested in Rainbow Loom. I couldn’t find any Harry Potter tutorials, so I decided to post my own tutorials. The quality was terrible, but dang! they’re still the most viewed of all (my videos)!

Later on, I became really interested in sharing about makeup – products I bought/received as gifts, as well as the looks I created. My makeup heroine would be Michelle Phan, but my first makeup video was inspired by NikkieTutorials on YouTube. Then on the 24th of September, year 2016, I posted my first ever makeup video: The Power of Makeup.

I love to read novels, and watch TV and movies (I love K-dramas, too!). Any genre is good, as long as it’s worth spending time on.

I’m a frustrated singer and an amateur feelingerang artist.

Flowers are pretty, but I want FOOD!

Maybe I’m passive-aggressive, more likely an ambivert. One thing’s for sure – I’m a walking paradox.


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