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First Quarter Faves 2018

“And I have no concept of time other than it is flying…”
– Alanis Morrisette, All I Really Want

I can’t believe the first quarter of 2018 is already ending. I always feel like time passes by too quickly I can hardly keep up!

Anyway, I have been meaning to post my favorite makeup and skin care items, but I don’t know why I haven’t done so. 😅 Since it’s already the end of March, I guess it’s just fitting that I post my first quarter faves!

99.9% of the products in my possession are all close to my heart, but these quarterly favorites that I’ll be posting are the ones that I’ve been using repeatedly from the time this year started.

I listed everything down in my notebook first, so that I won’t miss a thing. However, I still made quite a long list and I can’t get myself to remove a thing. 😅 Continue reading “First Quarter Faves 2018”

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10 Steps OUT! 3 Steps IN! Skin Care Made Easy with ALTHEA BARE ESSENTIALS!

Yes, my dear friends. The 10-step skin care is now history. It turns out that long and complicated skin care can tire our skin, too! What better way to do our skin care routine than cutting it short with less products?

That’s why Althea Korea has come out with revolutionary new products that will completely change our lives!

Eversince the Korean wave reached the Philippine shores, Filipino men and women alike have adapted Korean style not only their fashion but also the way they want their skin to look like.

Koreans like the “chok-chok” effect – the dewy, bouncy glowing skin effect. In order to achieve that, they apply layer upon layer of moisturizing products, such as toner, serum, emulsion, mask, mist, and any cream that screams moisture.

Filipinos never liked this effect before, since it makes us look greasy. Any shine on our skin was a major no-no. Most of us have oily skin, so we’ve all aimed for a super matte finish.

Fast forward to now, we’ve started to appreciate the youthful glow on our skin, even without putting on makeup. And if we DO apply makeup, we’d like a smooth and healthy canvas for a more flawless looking finish.

However, with our busy schedule, I doubt that 100% of the people who do the 7-step or the 10-step Korean skin care routine have done it religiously. There will always be one person who has skipped a day or two (or even three!) because of exhaustion.

So it’s amazing that after the success of their Petal Velvet Powder (which by the way, is now available in Warm Beige 😉), Althea has finally released their latest products that focus on the basics. They are just what we all need to achieve that chok-chok skin! Continue reading “10 Steps OUT! 3 Steps IN! Skin Care Made Easy with ALTHEA BARE ESSENTIALS!”

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Foot Spa at Home!|RIXREVIEWS: Calmia & Purederm Foot Peeling Masks

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

The most exhausted part of our body might be the feet. They bear our entire weight, as we go about our day. Sometimes, they’re even squished in really tight shoes. They’re often the least loved.

It is fortunate that nowadays there are plenty of ways to pamper our poor feet. Some might cost Galleons, but I know one that does not cost that much! Or at least, two! 😉

My sister and I decided to try out the trendy foot peeling masks. We had seen promotional videos on these products and we got really curious. Though the peeling stage scared me a bit, I knew that exfoliation was the only way to a smoother pair of feet. Continue reading “Foot Spa at Home!|RIXREVIEWS: Calmia & Purederm Foot Peeling Masks”

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Bring out the sparkles in you! | UNBOXING: ALTHEA’S Gold Sparkling Box

“You’re worth more than gold.” -unknown

The past year was definitely like being on a giant swing. Adventurous. Thrilling. Terrifying. Exciting. Nauseating.

It wasn’t really that bad, actually. There were still a lot of things to be grateful for. One of these amazing things was being given the opportunity to try the products in this cleverly curated box from Althea! (Thanks, Ms. Tammy and to Althea Mermaid and Pixies! 😘)

Few weeks ago, I was given the privilege to pick among their three holiday boxes: the Red Sparkling Box (P1420), the Gold Sparkling Box (P1,330), and the Black Sparkling Box (P1,460). (Obviously, I picked the gold one. Hehe!) Unfortunately, as of this writing, the Gold Sparkling Box is out of stock! You can still purchase the other two boxes, but you need to hurry! ‘Cause they sell like hotcakes! Continue reading “Bring out the sparkles in you! | UNBOXING: ALTHEA’S Gold Sparkling Box”

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RAPUNZEL’S SECRET: REVEALED! | Unboxing + Review – Althea’s Rapunzel’s Secret Box

Ever wondered how Rapunzel’s hair grew so healthy and strong? Magic? Hmmh… Partly, yes.


But today, her secret will finally be revealed! Lucky you dropped by!


Actually, when I received an e-mail from the ever so wonderful Ms. Tammy Lim of Althea Korea, I was beside myself – well in a positive way, that is! It seemed as if she knew I had been dealing with hair problems. She has sent me Rapunzel’s Secret Box! Continue reading “RAPUNZEL’S SECRET: REVEALED! | Unboxing + Review – Althea’s Rapunzel’s Secret Box”

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A couple of months ago, Althea held the Petal Velvet Powder Selfie Contest where they’d be choosing 10 lucky winners of $50 worth of Althea shopping credits. Thanks to my girl Christine (@theglamourhour) for making me join. Had she not, I wouldn’t have had this rare opportunity!

The $50 shopping credits appeared on my Althea account on October 31st, as promised by one of their “pixies”. Prior to this, I had already picked all the items I wanted to get and added them all to cart. (The winners were announced beginning of October.) By the time I was ready to check out, some of the items had already been out of stock. So I had to go through their vast ocean of amazing Korean skin care and makeup products again.

Thanks again to my beshy Christine, I learned that I could use Althea’s Halloween promo code at that time to get 13% discount. So, yep! I got to pick more items just to use up all P2,600 ($50) credits.

Had it not been for the shopping credits and the promo code, I would’ve paid P3,194! I got a discount of P415.22 so I only had to pay P178.78.

The best part? I only had to wait 10 days! They’ve been consistent, by the way. This was the third time I purchased from them, and I have never been disappointed. They shipped out my parcel on the 1st of November, and it was delivered to my doorstep today, the 11th. No problems with ‘croicky’ Customs.

Let me now show you the products that I picked. Continue reading “I WON IN ALTHEA’S SELFIE CONTEST!”

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NAIL TIME! Jackson Pollock Inspired Nail Art with Althea Korea x With Shyan “Nail It” Box

A few weeks ago, I received my “Nail It” box from Althea Korea. It was Althea’s collaboration with a nail brand called With Shyan.

This was my first time to buy a whole set of nail products. I am not a nail expert, but as much as possible, I try to do nail stuff by myself. When I saw this box, I thought it was amazing because it consisted of 21 nail items that could be perfect for mani and pedi at home.

althea x withshyan

Yup. All these for only P1,050! If bought separately, it would have cost P5,060.

Watch my unboxing video here:

Here’s my first creation – a Jackson Pollock inspired nail art, which is basically all about splattering and smudging.

jackson pollock

For the tutorial, watch here:

My sister Mik did an Ombre + Marbling kemerut and will soon be posted on my YouTube channel!

This box is still available at Althea Korea. So, go ahead, get your hands on this box, and be creative!

Hmmh… What creations would you make with these lovely colors?

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RIXREVIEWS: Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer


I got this from Althea Korea, and if you’ve read my previous post about Althea Korea, you’d know how I found out about this product.

The packaging awakens the kid in us. Designed like a game console, this product will not fail to catch your eye. The “game” shows the skin and the pores being protected by the primer from dirt and other unpleasant stuff. It also locks in moisture so our skin won’t be dehydrated. Also, it gets the oil locked up so our skin won’t oil up easily as we go throughout the day. It’s an amazing representation of what the product can do. On the top flap, you’ll be welcomed by a pair of green eyes.


The tube opening is sealed with a foil tape, making sure it’s clean. eli

The product is a peachy cream with quite a thick consistency.

screengrabbed from my Althea Mini Haul video (click image to watch)

It smells so good! Refreshingly good that won’t irritate your nose. It blends smoothly on my skin, despite the slight tackiness.

After letting it set for about 5 minutes, applying my foundation on top makes it much easier.

with L’Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation on top of the primer

My makeup stayed but I had shine on my face after a few hours. Despite the shine, I still felt fresh and I could only blot out little oil after a few hours.

In my opinion, there’s nothing any product can do to tame my oily face. So yeah.
As for the price, I got it for only PhP 280, but its regular price is PhP 1,000. I’d say it was a good buy.

Hmmmh, let me start “rating” with this product.


Product Description: two-thumbs-up(with the help of Google Translate)

Ease of Application: excellent

Scent: i-love-it

Performance: im-into-it but I hope it’s more long-wearing

Price: no-doubtbecause I got it for a discounted price. I don’t think I’d buy it in its regular price.



Definitely a YES!


Have you tried this product yet? If not, would you try it?

What primer are you using?

Share it in the comment section below!

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RIXFIRSTS: Althea Korea x Elizavecca x Tony Moly

For almost a week, I was in distress every time I used my Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer. Good thing I did not totally give up and, finally, I was able to figure out how to use it properly.

However, before I was able to put two and two together, it hadn’t been a good week for me. I literally was on the verge of crying. My heart was broken to pieces. I was so frustrated why that celebrated primer wouldn’t work on me! Because of this, I decided to look for a different primer that performed well. That’s when I came across a blog where I learned about Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer. The blogger had good words for it, so I got interested in the product.

Because of this I decided to go to Althea Korea’s webpage, and saw that it only cost PhP 280! I wanted to buy two, afraid that it might go up eventually. 😀 The problem, though, was the PhP 250 shipping fee! I thought, if I were to buy the two primers, plus the shipping fee, then that would mean I had to spend almost PhP 800! Just a few bucks away from their “buy-PhP 1,000-get-free-shipping” promo. That’s when I thought of checking out the gel liner I was dying to have – Tony Moly Back Gel Eyeliner. Surprise! Surprise! It was only sold for, more or less, Php 200! So much cheaper than other online shops! (Not sure though how much it is sold in Tony Moly kiosks/shops.) So I added it to my cart, but I still needed at least Php 149 to complete the PhP 1,000 bill. I chose the Tony Tint Delight from Tony Moly, in the shade Orange Cha Cha.

I waited for Althea Korea’s confirmation. As soon as they confirmed my order, they provided me with the shipping details, along with a tracking number. The handing over of my order was pretty fast. Then after around 10 days, my parcel came via LBC!

delivered by LBC


too bad LBC covered Althea’s cute logo
And here they are! My babies inside this cute ice candy-like bubble wrap

I’m so happy with the products, but of course, it’s still too soon to actually say something. That’s why, I’ll post a separate review on each of the products, where I’ll give my opinions with 100% honesty without trying to convince myself that I had spent my money right. 😀

If you wanna watch my video discussing these products, please click the image below:

althea mini.JPG

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