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I attempted to stay oil-free with these products, and here’s what happened…

If you’ve been a reader of my blog, you’ll know that I have an extremely oily skin. I have attempted several methods of keeping oil at bay and not all of them really worked on me (Jamsu did, tho!). It’s crazy how a lot of people would rave about a method and say it’s THE BEST, but of course, we should NEVER forget that not everything that works for one person works for everybody else.

As you may already know, I’ve just received my Althea package and a couple of products there are meant to address my problem with oil. I tried them yesterday to test their effectiveness, and if you have the same problem as mine, well I hope this helps. Continue reading “I attempted to stay oil-free with these products, and here’s what happened…”

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May the PORES be with you… NOT! RIXREVIEWS: Sooper Beaute Candy POREfecting Cream Foundation

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Pores… Pores… Pores… Spare me your mercy!

Hey there, Playmates! How’s it going?

If you have problems with pores and are looking for ways to hide them, but you want to stay within your budget, then you’ve made the right decision coming here!


Sooper Beaute Candy POREfecting Cream Foundation!


You’re welcome!

(Just a little disclaimer lang, this method does not SHRINK pores permanently. This only makes huge pores appear smaller, and smaller pores look even smaller.)

Okay, first and foremost, keep your face clean! This is pretty basic. We all know that a clean face is a MUST. This way, our skin looks brighter and the pores less visible.

Wash your face with your favorite cleanser; as for me it’s the Faith Hope Love Coffee Soap. Coffee has antioxidants and is believed to help tighten pores. It’s better to wash with warm water first, then finish with cold water. Warm water to open the pores and get cleaned; cold water to seal the deal. 😉

Use a cool facial mist before packing your face with makeup. Pop your mist in the refrigerator and let chill. This will freshen up your skin, close your pores, and keep the safe from bacteria and dirt. I recommend the Cucumber Hydrating Mist, also from Faith Hope Love.

Use a silicone-based primer! Primers can be really tricky. If you used too much or if you didn’t let it set properly, your makeup would just slide off easily. (Charged to experience!) Also, remember to pat it on the problem areas; do not rub! There are different types of primer – water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based. Silicone-based primers are recommended to those who have pore-blems. 😉 They sit on top of our skin and have pore-filling properties. Take note that silicone-based primers work much better on silicone-based foundations.

As for this look, I did not use my favorite primer. Instead, I used Sooper Beaute Candy POREfecting Cream Foundation, which also contains Dimethicone. ( Yep it is silicone!) By the way, this is a Filipino brand, formulated and manufactured here!

This is the final look.  Refer to my instagram post for the products used.


The product is housed in a squeezable plastic dropper bottle, which is pretty neat because it gives you a better control on the amount of product you want to dispense. The plastic screw cap makes it hygienic and secure. Carrying it around is sooper convenient, since it’s small and lightweight. It usually comes in a box, but mine didn’t. Not that it matters. But hey, I want the box, too!


Since the bottle is too small, there isn’t enough space for the ingredients. If the ingredients were, indeed, printed on the label, I doubt they’d be readable. Mine didn’t come with a box, so I don’t know if they do have them listed there. So, I headed over their page and checked the product description.

The ingredients are as follows:

I think they really have to double check the spelling… 🙂

Aqua, Stearic Acid, Isostearic Acid, Polysorbate 65, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Triocranoin, Dimeticone, Titanium Dioxide, Cyclopentasiloxane, Silica, Iro Oxide,Phenoxyethanol, Buckwheat Ferment Extract, Bee Venom, Witchazel Extract

Like last time, let’s have a quick run-down.

Aqua is water; Stearic Acid is an emulsifying thickener with softening effect; Isostearic Acid is a binder; Polysorbate 65 is an emulsifier and a stabilizer for color; Glyceryl Stearate SE* gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance; Dimethicone fills in lines and wrinkles on the face and acts as a barrier on the skin; Titanium Dioxide is a whitening agent and a UV blocker, but stirred controversy due to some theories that it MIGHT be harmful to our health; Cyclopentasiloxane keeps the moisture locked in; Silica makes the distribution of pigments even; Iron Oxide is for the color; Buckwheat Ferment Extract is used as a natural antioxidant and anti-ageing material; and finally, Bee Venom is said to fight acne.

The other ingredients were excluded because they were either already mentioned in my previous posts or I couldn’t find a proper explanation from a proper source.

*Glyceryl Stearate is said to be comedogenic, so check the ingredients if it has SE after Stearate. If it does, it’s safe. SE stands for Self-Emulsifying.

Learning about the ingredients of the product is truly essential if you want to know which ones are good for the skin and which ones are not. Some of the ingredients are minerals, while some are derived from animals. If you’re vegan, then this is ABSOLUTELY not for you.


It has a gentle candy-like scent that isn’t irritating or over-powering. I guess it wasn’t named such for nothing.

Texture and Consistency

It has a thin consistency, a bit liquidy but not runny. When I put it on the back of my hand, it didn’t move or drip. I really like the texture of this foundation – smooth and really easy to work on. It blends easily and does not dry fast. It isn’t clumpy either so the application is as easy as pie.


This small bottle with 15g of product only costs P180. I think this is budget-friendly, and would be a good choice for those who don’t want to splurge.


This product can be used as it is or as a makeup base. If you want to use it alone, you might want to build it up for a better coverage. One layer of it gives a sheer to light coverage, like how a tinted moisturizer would. It can be used with a brush or a beauty sponge, but as for me, I prefer applying it with my ring finger.

For me, the Candy POREfecting Cream Foundation works perfectly well with Beauskin Invisible Pores Foundation. It’s also silicone-based and it makes the skin look even. I have huge pores and pimple scars, and I’m not kidding when I say they appear smaller with these two products together.


The Invisible Pores Foundation gives you a dewy finish, while Candy POREfecting Cream Foundation is demi-matte – somewhere between dewy and matte. If you’re aiming for a dewy finish, you can leave it as it is. You can also pat on some pressed powder or use a stippling brush. Do NOT swirl the brush! 🙂 If you like a matte finish, then I suggest that you bake your face with loose powder.

REMEMBER! Whichever finish you’re going for, make sure you press your sponge against your skin to get everything blended together. (I learned this technique from Wayne Goss.)  I suggest that you do this after applying your foundation and concealer, after baking, and before you dust off the excess powder from baking.

This is the final look.  Refer to my instagram post for the products used.

There you have it! For less than P1,000, you can have LESS PORES (if not PORELESS)!

Watch my review on Beauskin Invisible Pores Foundation here:

I also have a video of this dewy makeup look, but it’s still up for editing. I’ll keep this post updated! 🙂

UPDATE: The video’s finally up on my channel! Watch it here:

For now, here’s the final look with these two foundations:

I didn’t use to like dewy looks, but boy oh boy, I’m lovin’ this glowing, healthy-looking skin! Where are my pores? xD

Final thoughts:


What do you think on Sooper Beaute Candy POREfecting Cream Foundation? Except for the fact that the name is equally long with their other products? What’s your favorite product and technique as of the moment? Care to share in the comment section below?

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RIXREVIEWS: Sooper Beaute

Hello, again! It’s been a while! It’s like having slept for years and getting kissed by a prince. Here I am again with yet another review of a local brand called: Sooper Beaute by M. Palma’s Skin Care Products.

I was initially confused with the pronunciation. When I read it whether in my head or aloud, I was like “Super Bowtey? Super Beauty? Super Byut? Super Bowt?” But a friend told me it’s really “Super Beauty”. So, “Super Beauty” it is.

(UPDATE: I DM-ed them on IG and they confirmed, just now, that it’s really “Super Byut”.)


These are the: Express Beauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation, Wonder Cream Super Fresh Day Cream, and So Matte Lipstick. I actually won these ladies from Mariel’s giveaway; it was my FIRST WIN! (Yay!) 

Mariel’s a young MUA and a YouTube Content Creator. Click this photo to visit her channel. Don’t forget to Subscribe!


Now, now. Let’s talk about these beautiful local ladies. The first one is the Express Beauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation.


It’s a tinted primer, which you can use alone or under your favorite foundation, BB cream, or powder. I think it has about 10g of product. It has a powdery scent, which will remind you of your lola or nanay, but it’s not irritating naman. It has a smooth texture that easily spreads out on the skin.

Although there is a light tint to it, it doesn’t really have much coverage. However, I’m surprised at how it kinda blurs out my pores and my pimple marks! My skin feels smooth after this primer sets, making the application of makeup a lot easier. I have also used it alone, and it wasn’t that bad.

One problem I encountered with it was its oil control. Despite the impressive finish of my makeup, my face had an oil party when I used it at a wedding.

me with my niece and my mom at the wedding reception
Look at how shiny my face had become! I blotted every few hours, no retouching of powder.

 I’ll still use it from time to time, but I think my Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer still reigns.

Final thoughts:


Now, let’s move on to the next product. Here’s the Wonder Cream Super Fresh Day Cream with SPF 20.


This has a very light powder scent and a thicker consistency than the Blur Cream Primer Foundation. From the container, the shade looks a bit dark, but when applied, it isn’t that dark. It actually turns into white and leaves a powdery finish. Well, it’s supposed to do that, but I’ve tried and tried and it never ends up fine for me. This is what this product looks like on my skin during the application:



Because the cream turns into powder, the product dries up easily and once it dries, it become more diffucult to manage and spread. The product starts crumbling and you’ll see that it gets patchy and flaky. Since I have tanned skin, the product leaves a white cast, reminding me of my kindergarten days when mom just covered my face with Johnson’s baby powder and blending was NOT necessary. 😀

I would’ve been happy with it, but I’m afraid it didn’t make it to my faves. So…

Final thoughts:


Finally, I also have the So Matte Lipstick in the shade Lyra. I’ve been seeing this shade all over IG. It’s a lovely rosy pinkish nude that’s super matte. It gives you that “your lips but better” look. It’s super matte that the lipstick itself is dry, so there’s a bit of lip tugging. But it isn’t really that bad. It’s pigmented anyway, and has good color pay-off.


Suprisingly long-wearing! Here are the swatches:

Top: 1 swipe; Bottom: multiple swipes; Photo taken at 4:02 PM

And just to show you its longevity, here’s what it looks like now (it’s 11:22 PM):

It has faded, of course, but it has left some color on my skin and it seriously won’t budge! Even when I rub it, it just stays on my skin! 

The only problem I encountered was this:


Right after opening the product, the lipstick fell off the tube. The product performs well, so this problem won’t really bother me much. I just hope it doesn’t happen to the other lippies.

Final thoughts:

It’s a product worth purchasing.

Thanks for reading and I hope this review helps you decide whether you’re getting these or not. Just bear in mind that you may purchase anything you wish to purchase, regardless of how I or anybody else views them. Because what really matters is your own opinion. It’s already a cliché, but it’s true when they say: What doesn’t work for me, may work for you.


Visit Sooper Beaute on IG to check out their products.

By the way, I used these products when I did an Amy Winehouse makeup look:


Watch the video here:

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RIXREVIEWS: Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer


I got this from Althea Korea, and if you’ve read my previous post about Althea Korea, you’d know how I found out about this product.

The packaging awakens the kid in us. Designed like a game console, this product will not fail to catch your eye. The “game” shows the skin and the pores being protected by the primer from dirt and other unpleasant stuff. It also locks in moisture so our skin won’t be dehydrated. Also, it gets the oil locked up so our skin won’t oil up easily as we go throughout the day. It’s an amazing representation of what the product can do. On the top flap, you’ll be welcomed by a pair of green eyes.


The tube opening is sealed with a foil tape, making sure it’s clean. eli

The product is a peachy cream with quite a thick consistency.

screengrabbed from my Althea Mini Haul video (click image to watch)

It smells so good! Refreshingly good that won’t irritate your nose. It blends smoothly on my skin, despite the slight tackiness.

After letting it set for about 5 minutes, applying my foundation on top makes it much easier.

with L’Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation on top of the primer

My makeup stayed but I had shine on my face after a few hours. Despite the shine, I still felt fresh and I could only blot out little oil after a few hours.

In my opinion, there’s nothing any product can do to tame my oily face. So yeah.
As for the price, I got it for only PhP 280, but its regular price is PhP 1,000. I’d say it was a good buy.

Hmmmh, let me start “rating” with this product.


Product Description: two-thumbs-up(with the help of Google Translate)

Ease of Application: excellent

Scent: i-love-it

Performance: im-into-it but I hope it’s more long-wearing

Price: no-doubtbecause I got it for a discounted price. I don’t think I’d buy it in its regular price.



Definitely a YES!


Have you tried this product yet? If not, would you try it?

What primer are you using?

Share it in the comment section below!

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