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NAIL TIME! Jackson Pollock Inspired Nail Art with Althea Korea x With Shyan “Nail It” Box

A few weeks ago, I received my “Nail It” box from Althea Korea. It was Althea’s collaboration with a nail brand called With Shyan.

This was my first time to buy a whole set of nail products. I am not a nail expert, but as much as possible, I try to do nail stuff by myself. When I saw this box, I thought it was amazing because it consisted of 21 nail items that could be perfect for mani and pedi at home.

althea x withshyan

Yup. All these for only P1,050! If bought separately, it would have cost P5,060.

Watch my unboxing video here:

Here’s my first creation – a Jackson Pollock inspired nail art, which is basically all about splattering and smudging.

jackson pollock

For the tutorial, watch here:

My sister Mik did an Ombre + Marbling kemerut and will soon be posted on my YouTube channel!

This box is still available at Althea Korea. So, go ahead, get your hands on this box, and be creative!

Hmmh… What creations would you make with these lovely colors?

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RIXDIY: Rose Highlighter

Makeup companies are becoming more and more creative with their products, not only with their packaging but also the product itself.

One good example for this is the rose blush and highlighter. I first saw the Les Merveilleuses de Laduree from my friend, Juvy (@vanityplayground on Instagram). Her makeup collection is one of the best I’ve seen! (Follow her, too!)


Then I saw Lancome La Rose a Poudrer.

Photo not mine; grabbed from Google

Then Beauty News on Youtube destroyed and weighed this rose highlighter, in their segment called “The Makeup Breakup“. In the video you’ll see that there is an artificial rose inside the product. For $60, you’re paying for its packaging, its design, and a bit on the product.

So just like a number of lovely Youtubers, I also made my own rose highlighter. Here are the items that I prepared:


  • an artificial flower of your choice, mine’s a rose, of course
  • primer
  • liquid illuminator (optional)
  • setting spray or any facial mist
  • highlighters or shimmery eyeshadows you don’t use anymore
  • alcohol
  • a box or any container of your choice
  • some foam or cotton to act as cushion for the rose highlighter

It’s super easy!

  1. Wash your artificial flower or disinfect it with an alcohol.
  2. Mix the primer and the liquid illuminator. As mentioned above, the liquid illuminator is optional.
  3. Apply the mixture on the entire flower using a clean makeup brush. Let it set.
  4. Spray with your setting spray. Let it dry.
  5. Scrape some of your highlighter and shimmery eyeshadows and mix them all together.
  6. Using a makeup brush, cover every petal of the rose with the powdered eyeshadow/highlighter.
  7. Place it in your container.
  8. Blind all makeup shamers!
This is the final product. Mine’s a bronzy pink (rose gold-ish) shade.


Initially, I wasn’t planning on using the Detail Make Over palette, but I DID end up scraping some of the highlighter in it.

Hope you enjoy this simple DIY project and tag me in your post! You may use the hashtag #rixDIY, too! Click on the photo below to watch my video:


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